Polythylene Water Tank

Leadership in the industrial systems and procedures for quality assurance is our vision for the design and production of high-quality polyethylene drinking water tanks that conform to the international health standards approved by all ministries in the State of Kuwait.

We guarantee you that Polyethylene used in manufacturing drinking water tanks is approved and certified to have the highest specifications and sanitary standards. Latest international manufacturing techniques are used in the production of water tanks, which gives the tank more strength and durability.

Innovation and excellence in the design and production of polyethylene water tanks to produce the best and satisfy our customers. The water tanks come in three different models, which include vertical, horizontal and short, and are available in different sizes that start from 250 gallons.

Al Wataniya polyethylene water tanks are featured with several characteristics such as:

  • Copper connections with high-quality external teeth to maintain the quality of water conservation and to protect the body of the tank from damage in case of poor health connection.
  • The covers are designed as serrated from inside of the cover and outside of the tank’s neck to have total closure against the wind as well as to prevent the entry of dust.
  • Diversity in the layers provided to suit the needs of customers from two up to four layers.