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Al Wataniya Fiber Glass – شركة مصنع الوطنية

Al Wataniya Fiber Glass

شركة مصنع الوطنية
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What are our Products

“Where Technology and Quality Converge..”

Our products and production lines vary according to our client’s sectors. Al Wataniya is the leading company in water reservoirs ;thus we received a number of International Quality Certificates.

We, due to our experience, are one of the most important suppliers of the local market for fiberglass products such as water treatment tanks, fiberglass poles, and sunshades approved by the State’s ministries.

Our heavy products include mobile rooms and luxury trailers, while the light products vary like sports club chairs, plastic benches, and portable toilets whose designs vary according to the wishes of our customers.

We are proud of our engineers, who brought us to lead in many of the engineering and entertainment facilities for the past thirty years.

We look forward to providing the highest quality standards, diversify our products, and make the utmost efforts to satisfy our customers.

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